Consult with a Pharmacist

Our pharmacist, Gurmell Gill, is able to provide comprehensive medication therapy management through patient centered pharmaceutical care. Gurmell can meet one-on-one with patients to review their medication regiment - to promote safe and appropriate use of their medications.


A consult with the pharmacist would be beneficial for:

  • Patients recently discharged from a hospital with changes to their medications.

  • Patients with chronic medical conditions (i.e. asthma, COPD, chronic pain, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.).

  • Patients who are trying to meet target goals - for good control of their chronic conditions (i.e. blood pressure, blood sugars, pain control, etc.).

  • Patients who are on multiple medications (polypharmacy) where there is high risk of adverse effects and drug interactions.

  • Patients on high risk medications that require monitoring (Lithium, Methotrexate, Oral anticoagulants, Warfarin, etc.).

  • Patients who want to develop an action plan to educate and empower themselves about their medications.



A consult includes:

  • Talking about your medications - how and when they are best taken.

  • Discussing why you are taking specific medications.

  • Discussing the common side-effects and how to minimize them.

  • Identifying, and addressing, any drug related problems (duplication, unnecessary therapy, inappropriate dose or dosage forms, drug interactions, etc.).


It is important that you bring ALL the medications you are taking, including over-the-counter (OTCs), vitamins and supplements for this review.


The pharmacist is a vital resource for physicians, nurses and patients in regards to medication therapy.